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Asuu Fg Agreement

Please our great government meet and settle this issue we send our burden back to school please help your young people to remember this, your children are out of the country, why not those in Nigeria allowed to return to school asuu please help us. The government said it had agreed to pay N30 billion N30 billion in academic allocation earned, N20 billion for the recovery of the education sector and arrears to higher education teachers, adding that the only outstanding issue was disagreement on the payment platform. But ASUU insisted that the government did not respond to its demands and found that the solution to the eight-month strike was not in sight. Let us remember that we went on strike in 2015 and had to suspend it later, when the federal government promised to implement the agreement in its entirety, which prompted us to suspend the strike, but the federal government did not keep its promises to implement those agreements. The Academic Union of Universities on Monday declared a permanent strike on the integrated system of information on staff and salaries and on the non-application of the 2009 agreement. The renegotiation of the 2009 FGN-ASUU agreement has resumed. Both parties hoped that the process would be completed. However, the NEC noted with regret that the government team had suspended the indefinite meeting due to the COVID 19 pandemic. He also reiterated that the situation was not healthy for the country`s tertiary institutions and told ASUU that it could not get everything it demanded from the government, as some of the agreements signed in recent years had already been taken up by events. Professor Deji Omole, president of the University of Ibadan Chapter of ASUU, said the union was ready to continue its position on autonomy and violation of the FGN-ASUU agreement that would erode IPPIS. Dr.

Maigoro, Director of the Branch, said: “We are coming out of a special congress that has been set up to check to what extent the federal government has implemented the agreement it has reached with ASUU since 2009.” We have had discussions, and they have now said that some of the agreements we had in The 2019 Action Protocol have not been implemented aggressively, and we have agreed that they are receiving N25 billion for their acquired studies and another N25 billion. on reviving the higher education system. The Nigerian government has reached an interim agreement with striking university professors on the integration of the University Transparency and Accountability Solution (UTAS) into the Integrated Wage and Personnel Information System (IPPIS). The head of the ASUU stressed that its members remained committed to improving the working environment and improving working conditions, despite the unpaid salaries of thousands of academics by the federal government and the payment of distorted and amputated salaries to thousands of ASUU members. According to the union, the 11-year anniversary of the current slave-style pay structure, which was reached in 2009, took a fight that began in 2006 and finally came to fruition in 2009. According to ASUU, the imposition of IPPIS in universities is not only a violation of university laws, especially the hard-crafted autonomy, “it is dependent on the federal government`s agreement with ASUU.” According to the Senate, it was worrying and worrying that the federal government would sign agreements that it knows are difficult and sometimes impossible to implement.