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Virtual Account Agreement

2.3 Secure messages with the bank. Online banking allows you to send and receive secure e-mail messages to and from us. You can access Secure Message after you register with online banking. You can`t use a secure message to initiate transactions or create other payment requirements. From time to time, the bank may send unsecured emails to your email address to inform you that certain information is available. The bank will never ask you to send us personal data such as account numbers and passwords in an unsecured email. If you want to send us personal information, you must send a secure message with this service. You should never send personal information to an unsecured email. We cannot immediately receive secure messages that you send, so don`t just rely on secure messages if you need to communicate with us immediately.

If you need to contact us immediately, use the contact information for Section VII of this Agreement. We will not take action based on e-mail requests. Once these payments are received, the bank links the virtual account numbers to your UOB bank account for credit for the payments received. The virtual account numbers that correspond to your customers are displayed in your statement of account, which allows you to easily identify the payers for your AR vote. 3.8 Supports and procedures. Prior to the transfer, you agree to support all cheques or items transferred via Mobile Deposit Capture restrictively as “Only for mobile deposits, VirtualBank account” – with your signature or as we have ordered. You agree to follow all other procedures and instructions for using the mobile deposit capture, as we can see from time to time. You agree to provide all the information in your possession that we request regarding a cheque or item to deposit or deposit via Mobile Deposit Capture. 3.3 Payment information. You agree to provide the information that we may request from time to time to process payment transactions initiated by the payment service. This information may contain. B the name and address of the recipient`s bank account number.

You are responsible for ensuring that the information provided is up-to-date, accurate and complete and you take responsibility for any transaction error resulting from outdated, inaccurate or incomplete information transmitted or entered by you in The Bill Pay Service. If you want to change the information provided by Payee, you must follow the corresponding instructions of the Bill Pay Service. We have a good opportunity to process all the changed information and the modified information you have provided cannot be applied to transactions that are already in progress. You recognize and accept that we may modify or modify data or data formats in accordance with the recipient`s policies and/or to process payment transactions more efficiently.